Slavery – Not a Thing of the Past

woman-saying-noThe fact that women are not as equally valued as men in most of the world is a blistering truth. Today the slavery of women by radical groups such as ISIS is abominable and continues to operate on a daily basis.

ISIS may be front page news, but is not the only organization that enslaves people of all ages and from all walks of life. Stronger women in the west cannot relate, but we can have a certain level of understanding. There are on-going efforts by both government and civilian groups to stop this barbaric practice.

The underground slave trade prospers in many underprivileged countries right under the noses of the communities that surround them. To reformulate an age old process, reverse engineering is a solution that takes a worldwide effort. However, it must start within the community. It is not unheard of that as much as 20% of a population of a rural village in Africa, may be made up of slaves. They don’t know freedom as a way of life. The first step is to know and want freedom.

The practice has been going on since the beginning of time – probably started with a bully with a low grunt. Do we expect to see an abolition of slavery within our lifetimes? It’s so important that we hold the faith and continue to support groups and coalitions that prevent this diabolical activity to take place. Here are individuals and organizations who are working towards eliminating slavery everywhere it is still tolerated.

Council of Women World Leaders
Made up of former presidents and prime ministers from all over the world, membership includes some great thinkers. They enlist other powerful women in government and business to aid and assists women in every area it’s called for. Their mission is to mobilize the highest level of women globally to step in and remedy problems that keep women enslaved. CWWL has the advantage of ‘knowing how the game is played’. Established in 1996 by the former President of Iceland, Vigdis Finnbogadottir their main offices are now located in Washington DC.

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Dedicated to lifting the plights of women everywhere the WILPF has offices in Geneva and New York that reach all crannies of the world. Considered watchdogs for women’s rights and often spearheading projects calling out the inhumane practices of slavery amongst women. They are making progress. They have made progress with programs that teach basic education and skills. A big part of their goal is to bring self- awareness to the women who have never had an identity. This step towards self-empowerment is crucial if women are to stand up to their oppressors. Education in nutrition is also a goal with WILPF since to fight for a cause means one has to have a strong body.

Quota International, Inc.
A service that is available for the sake of empowering women in all parts of the world, to eradicate extreme poverty and promote gender equally. Aligned with the UN, Millennium Development Goals, they place dozens of people on the ground for the purposes of bringing women freedom. QII exists by the motto “We Share”. Suppression by the male gender at many different levels, in rich and poor countries alike, leave women little room to grow. The rightful place of women as contributors to their community are nurtured and supplemented by Quota International, Inc. Working with local volunteers they are in 13 countries and have approximately 270 branches.

Differences are being made, albeit never fast enough. With some governments turning a blind eye to the illegal slave trade, citizens must be vested in protecting themselves and loved ones. With the circumstances beyond this author’s understanding, I put a lot of stock in the dozens of organizations and individual who need to be strong in the fight. The rest I hand over to God.