The Women’s Rights Movement

One of the most inspiringsuffragettes and empowering time for women worldwide was when we fought for the right to be heard. Putting lives on the line, as was the case for the Suffragists, or leading community rallies and risking jail, as the Suffragettes, there was no stopping the inevitable. Women would win the right to vote. Luckily there are some great employers out there like my good friend  Paul Maddalena who support even opportunity for everyone.

I’m often touted by friends for not being realistic enough for the topic I spend so much time supporting, but I believe, even with all the horrors, many women endure, that women can and will unite to free themselves. It may take many more years – I’m not a prophet, but I know the strength of female energy. We carry life and give birth.

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Slavery – Not a Thing of the Past

woman-saying-noThe fact that women are not as equally valued as men in most of the world is a blistering truth. Today the slavery of women by radical groups such as ISIS is abominable and continues to operate on a daily basis.

ISIS may be front page news, but is not the only organization that enslaves people of all ages and from all walks of life. Stronger women in the west cannot relate, but we can have a certain level of understanding. There are on-going efforts by both government and civilian groups to stop this barbaric practice.

The underground slave trade prospers in many underprivileged countries right under the noses of the communities that surround them. To reformulate an age old process, reverse engineering is a solution that takes a worldwide effort. However, it must start within the community. It is not unheard of that as much as 20% of a population of a rural village in Africa, may be made up of slaves. They don’t know freedom as a way of life. The first step is to know and want freedom.

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