About Me

As a young teenage girl, I heard the voice in my head telling me it was time to step up and help make a difference. As a teen, I discovered that women all over the world were being delegated to that of second class citizens. In many countries, men are the leaders of societies where women are often seen only as care providers and in many countries, inconsequential.

This blog is an attempt to keep my readers informed of different activities that I’m involved with to bring balance and prosperity to women of Central America. I won’t recruit, but I admit if you want to join one of my causes I make it easy for you to follow the thread.

My father was a physician who grew up in Cuba. At the age of 34 he came to America via a ramshackle boat. That was 1962. He married my mother in 1965 and had three children. He never practiced medicine again, but instead worked his way into hospital administration where he could still be around medicine. He made a good living for his family, and frequently could be heard proudly spouting off about the American dream.

Having grown up in the Miami area I never lacked for anything. I had just about anything a person could ever want or need. For the first 10 years of my sweet childhood, I was oblivious to the fact that not everyone had it so easy. My parents wanted to give me a stress-free growing up and shielded me from the uglier sides of life. Both my parents were – as I discovered later, overly protective of us children. They put us in private schools where the only world we knew was dished out via exceedingly caring adults. Not bad, you might think and even wax a little jealous, but when the time came the harsh reality of the real world hit me harder than most.

The fact is, no one can be left unaware for long when so many people live day in and day out with very little. It surrounds us and was eventually unavoidable for me to see. As I grew older, I sought out projects that put me squarely in the path of those in need. My father understood, but my mother then and now is still the perpetual hand wringer.

My pet projects are primarily working with women. Presently I am helping structure and implement micro-loans for women in Central America. The rewards have been countless.

Join me as I go through other avenues that help deliver sustainable health and well-being to some of the strongest, most deserving people on the planet.

Thank you for your readership.